Corrosion Engineering (Painting)

Nafal’s Corrosion Engineering Division, brings to you, years of expertise in Corrosion Engineering to analyze and resolve issues faced by you due to corrosion of your structures. Nafal provides a variety of corrosion protection solution specifically designed for conditions prevalent in industrial environments.

Our Corrosion Engineering Division provides:

  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning and Coating Application Services
  • Internal and External Coating Application (fuel/portable water tanks)
  • Blasting and Coating of Internal and External surfaces (pipes)
  • Tank cleaning, De-gassing, and De-greasing Services
  • Epoxy Floor Coating and Floor Screeding Services
  • Coating Application Services (submerged structures)
  • Heat-resistant Coating Services
  • Fire-retardant Coating Services
  • Tank Lining Services (Sewage Treatment Plant)
  • Decorative Painting Services
  • Internal Fiberglass Lining Services for tanks
  • Mechanical Repair Services for tank and tank accessories
  • CathodicProtection, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Monitoring Services

Through the extensive field testing and surveys undertaken by Nafal of your premises, we evaluate corrosion exposure on existing structures and accurately predict impact of planned structures. Using information pertaining to exposure characteristics, we help you choose appropriate materials, optimal protective coatings and cathodic protection designs to reduce the corrosion process extensively.